The Data Bottle


Lack of visibility

Why it matters

Millions of people enter bars, restaurants and cafés across every single day. They consume their favorite drinks and food and have a great time enjoying themselves

Yet the food and beverage industry has little information on what, when and how food and drinks are being consumed in bars, restaurants and cafés

We aim to change this by providing real world consumption data.

Market share

Get detailed market share information at postal code, city, region or country level. Download the data in any format you want.

Food and drink pairings

What are the food and drink combinations that are popular at this moment? At what time of the day are they ordered? Use this information to market your products in combination with other products.

Timing consumption

Discover the timing of consumption during the day. When are specific products being consumed? In morning, afternoon, evening, night? What are the triggers? Maybe the combination with a specific dish or snack has an influence? 

Price analysis

What are the average prices for products in a giving region, city, postalcode or country. Comparing product categories with each other at your fingertips. Spotting trends in price increases and the impact on consumption.

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Collecting, harmonising & enriching data

How it's done

We clean and harmonize product information across billions of order lines on a daily basis.

We apply state of the art machine learning algorithms to extract insights and predictions never before seen. 

We are complementing our consumption data with 3rd party like weather, events or other relevant economic data.

We make all of this available through an online data platform so you can have a live view on your market wherever you are.

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