The Data Bottle
About us

What we do is simple to explain. Harder to make it happen.

Based in Belgium with offices in Brussels and Aalst, we are team of experts combining years of expertise in the data and POS business. 


Every day we are expanding our database and platform

Expanding to new countries, regions, cities. Uploading millions of new order lines, cleaning, harmonising, analysing. It's a big job to do, but we love it! Want to know more about it? Just click below.

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Integration experience

We have knowledge of complex integrations and dataplatforms? Why? Because we did it before in previous companies.

Big data, AI & machine learning

Our team of experts are using state of the art technology and algorithms in combinations with our inhouse knowledge we just know what we are doing.

Managing large sets of data

Our data scientist team is able to manage large portion of datasets, harmonising them in a correct and structured way.